Ideal situations to use ENERGRAZE® in a diet are for coat conditioning, to reduce feed refusals of low palatability feeds, to help encourage fussy eaters and animals in poor condition to eat, to supplement animals in work such as horses.

PACK SIZES: 2.5kg, 10kg and 20kg


ENERGRAZE® is a nutritional supplement that supports health and well-being. ENERGRAZE® is a supplement developed by New Zealand nutritionists. ENERGRAZE® is a premium product, without the premium price tag.

At times, all grazing animals struggle to get the essential vitamins and minerals that they need from pasture. ENERGRAZE® is the perfect addition to their diet. ENERGRAZE® contains essential vitamins and minerals that improve coat condition and general well-being, with the added benefit of probiotic – a mix of good gut bacteria. They support good digestive health for better nutrient uptake.