We believe that our pets are part of our families. We believe that caring for our pets with innovative animal health solutions should be affordable, and within the reach of all us. Domhealth has innovative solutions for common ailments.

Compete Base – This basic electrolyte is perfect for dogs in work – from farm dogs to racing dogs, as well as sporty dogs that are running or in hard exercise. Make sure that when giving an electrolyte dose to dogs that they have free access to water

To quickly recover from diarrhoea use Coalescence. This formulation is unique in that it is in sheets that trap pathogens, and then transport them through the digestive tract so that no further damage is caused. Ideal for animals post surgery or whenever stools are loose.

Ideal to promote healing of cuts grazes and wounds. Containing sulphur and copper, the anti bacterial and anti fungal properties help to support quick healing and promote skin and fibre growth

Fly-Ax™ is a granular bait that is highly attractive to many species of flies including house flies, blow flies, biting, nuisance and bot flies. Fly-Ax™ has a fly sex attractant plus other ingredients to attract flies, flies feeding on the bait are quickly killed either by ingestion or contact.