for all cuts and grazes and wounds, Equiderm® promotes rapid healing and supports growth of skin and fibre. Ideal for use on both animals and humans and has no withhold.

Fly-Ax™ is a granular bait that is highly attractive to many species of flies including house flies, blow flies, biting, nuisance and bot flies. Fly-Ax™ has a fly sex attractant plus other ingredients to attract flies, flies feeding on the bait are quickly killed after ingestion.

Manderson’s Mix™ is a drench containing a combination of oils that may help animals suffering from stress.

For getting that shine back in all stainless steel areas around the shed and yards. From equipment to kitchen and bathroom this polish will have the stainless sparkling like new again and give years more use

Don’t lose lambs and calves unnecessarily. Scour Mate™ is inexpensive and works fast. The unique formulation is in sheets so that pathogens are trapped between those sheets to travel through, and exit the digestive tract without causing further damage.