Having a horse is a way of life.

More-Mag® is the simple solution to magnesium deficiency for equestrian and racing horses. Just pour the dose on the feed and job done.

A range of electrolytes designed for endurance, racing and prolonged exercise.

ENERGRAZE® is a nutritional supplement that supports health and well-being. ENERGRAZE® is a supplement developed by New Zealand nutritionists. ENERGRAZE® is a premium product, without the premium price tag.

Equiderm® has traditionally been the go-to for mudfever, and is also fast acting for other wounds, cuts and grazes both for the rider and the horse. There is visible repair overnight. Look out for the early signs of mudfever if your horse is lame and there is heat or swelling of parts of the leg, and pain when you press. In these early stages before lesions occur you can often prevent it progressing by using a sulphur based barrier cream like Equiderm®. Catching it early can save you money and time. Don’t let mudfever put a dampener on the start to your season!

Fly-Ax™ is a granular bait that is highly attractive to many species of flies including house flies, blow flies, biting, nuisance and bot flies. Fly-Ax™ has a fly sex attractant plus other ingredients to attract flies, flies feeding on the bait are quickly killed after ingestion.

Glide oils and creams are for preventing chaffe. Perfect for racing and jumping horses, but also invisible so ideal for use in dressage and showing.

Hoof Power is the brand that looks after hooves. Hoof Power Seal is Stockholm Tar for sealing hooves, and Hoof Power Nourish is a feed additive for strengthening and promoting growth of new hoof.

The blend of oils in Manderson’s Mix™ supports healthy gut function as well as skin and hair growth. Use Manderson’s Mix™ all year round, and notice the difference when you clip. Manderson’s Mix™ is easy to use, just pour the dose on the feed.

Get the stainless steel on your horse truck and horse float back to looking like new again! Reviver is also perfect to get the sparkle back to the stainless on your tack, as well as in food prep areas.