Domhealth products are available nationwide from vets, saddlery and feed shops, and rural supplies stores.  Or you can contact us for the name of your nearest distributor.

Domhealth is a wholesaler of vet supplies and equestrian supplies so we don’t have a shop to sell direct to the public. Don’t panic though – we do have an extensive network of resellers throughout NZ, so you can get whatever vet supplies, or equestrian supplies from our range no matter where you live. We are a wholesaler supplying most of the rural supplies stores, large animal vets, equestrian supplies stores, and feed suppliers in NZ.

If your local store doesn’t stock our products, let us know and we can get in touch with them to arrange stocking your favourite Domhealth products.

If you are a retailer and would like to stock Domhealth products, please get in touch. As a wholesaler we would love to see how we can cater to your needs.

For those of you in Australia, we have selected products supplied to every state so contact us for your closest Domhealth stockist.