Independent research trials show that the magnesium in More-Mag® lasts for longer than traditional forms of magnesium. One oral drench dose will last for up to 10 days which makes More-Mag® a strategic tool in the agricultural toolbox. Identifying and dosing just the dairy cows “at-risk” of being downer cows makes More-Mag® cost-effective for any farm in NZ. And, because its not a daily drench, there is minimal human interference pre-calving.

Domhealth calf salts are a blend of dextrose, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, glycine and kaolin. This blend contains essential nutrients for calves.

Fly-Ax™ is a granular bait that is highly attractive to many species of flies including house flies, blow flies, biting, nuisance and bot flies. Fly-Ax™ has a fly sex attractant plus other ingredients to attract flies, flies feeding on the bait are quickly killed after ingestion.

Manderson’s Mix™ is a drench containing a combination of oils that may help animals suffering from stress.

Doing everything by the book, but still got scouring calves???  Scour-Mate's active ingredient mops up bacterial toxins of pretty much any flavor preventing them from running amok in the calf’s intestine.

Stainless benches look tired and can also appear still dirty, when they become scratched. Bring them back to looking new again with this polish. Ideal for use on all solid stainless steel, such as in vet surgeries and cow sheds as well as showers and kitchen areas.