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More-Mag™ is the simple solution to magnesium deficiency for equestrian and racing horses.

New Zealand and Australia have a large pool of sport horses from great genetic lines that are sought after around the world. But with the magnesium deficient soils in both NZ and Australia, the problem of magnesium deficient pastures and feeds is common.

Further confounding the problem of magnesium deficiency is the huge drain of magnesium by the horse during exercise. Both muscles and the nervous system drain precious magnesium. No matter what the discipline, all horses involved in equestrian, harness racing and gallops, and other horse sports too, are likely to become magnesium deficient. Many top trainers and equestrian horse owners use and recommend More-Mag™ as an effective supplement to help horses keep a calm and steady head to stay focused during training and competition. More-Mag™ then aids in muscle recovery afterwards. More-Mag™ has no withhold so it can be used all year round.

More-Mag™ contains magnesium pidolate which is why it lasts for longer than traditional forms of magnesium. One More-Mag™ dose poured on the feed will last for up to 10 days. Most horses in work are fed More-Mag™ once a week, and once fed, the full amount of magnesium is available right away. That means that there is no need to build up to the appropriate dose rate over a period of days because when you dose More-Mag™ you know your horse will be able to draw upon the magnesium that it needs. In addition, if you or your horse become injured or sick, you can cut the dose out, and reintroduce it when the horse is back at the track, or in equestrian work.

Available at Saddleries and Farm Supply Stores throughout Australia and NZ.

5 reasons why you should use More-mag

1. More-mag only needs to be poured on the feed one time per week – A simple animal health solution to combat magnesium deficiency.
2. Magnesium deficiency causes horses to become highly strung and difficult to handle because muscles and the neurological system will be stressed out. More-mag will calm horses down without compromising their focus or performance.
3. More-mag is cost effective animal health – other forms of magnesium will be excreted in the urine if they are not used within 12-24 hours, but the magnesium in More-mag can be stored so that the horse can use it over the week as and when its required.
4. More-mag is palatable. When overall animal health is important, the last thing you need is feed refusals! More-mag deals to magnesium deficiency without turning horses off their feed.
5. More-mag is endorsed by vets and horse owners around the country because it works!

More-mag – Your essential equestrian supplies for all horse breeds

More-mag benefits all horse breeds to aid in the prevention and treatment of magnesium deficiency. Horse owners that use More-mag – Racing trainers and Equestrian riders have told us that More-mag is in their kit of essential equestrian supplies. You can contact us or any of the suppliers of More-mag for an in-depth chat about how More-mag can work for you.

Magnesium deficiency is more likely to occur when horses are under the stress of exercise work, when there is a huge demand for magnesium by both the muscles and the neurological system (regardless of horse breeds). The stress of magnesium deficiency can make horses dangerous and unpredictable when being handled. More-mag works fast to calm them down, if magnesium deficiency is the problem.

Horse breeds such as Thoroughbreds are renowned for having a bit of attitude, but if your horse is still as highly strung 12 hours after being administered More-mag, contact your vet to troubleshoot what other equestrian supplies you may need.

In addition to when horses are in work, travelling, or competing, there is also a huge demand for magnesium during pregnancy and lactation. Consider supplementing brood mares of all horse breeds with More-mag so that they don’t become magnesium deficient. This has the added benefit of positively affecting the foal because young growing animals have high daily needs for magnesium too, particularly for healthy bone development.

If you would like a hardcopy of the brochure, contact us on 09 274 7676, e-mail on [email protected] or fax 09 274 6164, and we will send one out to you.

You can purchase More-Mag Equine at all Vet practices and Rural Supplies Stores, including those listed below.

If they don’t have it on the shelf, ask them to contact us to get supplies in or you can contact us directly by emailing us , calling on 09 274 7676 or fax 09 620 8797