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Domhealth NZ Equiderm Ointment

Why is it that just the thought of a rain cloud gives my horse mudfever?

In the past week we have been lured into perhaps a false sense of security – dry warm days, mimicking spring…. but it is only August so don’t fall into that trap! Rain and cold snaps are still highly likely before the equestrian season officially begins in September.

Look out for the early signs of mudfever if your horse is lame and there is heat or swelling of parts of the leg, and pain when you press. In these early stages before lesions occur you can often prevent it progressing by using a sulphur based barrier cream like Equiderm™. Catching it early can save you money and time. Don’t let mudfever put a dampener on the start to your season!

You can purchase Equiderm™ at all Vet practices and Rural Supplies Stores, including those listed below.

If they don’t have it on the shelf, ask them to contact us to get supplies in or you can contact us directly by emailing us , calling on 09 274 7676 or fax 09 620 8797