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Innovative Animal Health Solutions

Domhealth has been providing innovative animal health solutions through products and technical support for 25 years. Call us on 09 274 7676 or email [email protected] with your animal health enquiry.

Domhealth products cater for your horse, alpacas and dogs. In addition, there is a whole suite of products to solve animal health issues for production animals (dairy, beef, sheep, pigs, chickens and deer) as well.

Out on the farm we have specialised solutions at mating, calving and lambing, and during the facial eczema season. We can work with your vet, farm consultant or rural supply store to help develop a tailored program for your farm which aims to optimise your profitability.
With a large range of equine products, Domhealth products cater for all types of horse. The needs of an equestrian horse differ across disciplines and breed, as well as level of work. You can talk to Domhealth about the animal health issues you may have.

Its important to be able to trust the products that you choose to use. Domhealth products work. Domhealth products are endorsed and trusted by farmers, vets, top equestrian riders, as well as horse racing trainers and breeders.

Domhealth products are readily accessible throughout NZ. From Invercargill to the far North, and every place in between, there is bound to be a supplier near you. Ask for Domhealth products at your local RD1, PGG Wrightson, Farmlands, CRT, large animal veterinarians, Equestrian retail or horse feed store.

Domhealth is a New Zealand owned and operated animal health company, developing and manufacturing animal health products that are distributed nationwide. Some products are also available outside of NZ too.

Contact us here, if you would like us to put you in touch with your nearest supplier.

Find Out More About More-Mag

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As the operator of a pet cremation business, we are responsible for the respectful and dignified final care of household pets and livestock. Last Christmas we were faced with the unfortunate experience of attending to a cow that had not been chilled for a couple of days. Flies were overtaking the facility and neighboring tenants were of course not pleased.

I simply opened a 500g pot of fly ax and crossed my fingers. It seemed too small to have any impact. Spray certainly wasnt touching the problem and the space to be treated seemed too vast. I need not have worried. Within 4 hours the crisis was over. The bait smell lured flies from far and wide. None were now flying, they all lay dead forming a thick black blanket over these facinating blue granules in such a small pot. A quick sweep over and area about a meter square and the job was complete.

I have since used the product at home as I prefer not to spray fly spray indoors around our pet birds or the fish tank. With a little thought a trap can be set outside. No more disturbing window sills!!!!

Simone Morrison, Soul Friend Pet Cremations
I wanted to share with you the difference your products make in helping save our horses. This
is Toppa. Toppa is a 14.1hh, Welsh/Arab pony the owners were told to put down at 12years old as there was no hope in recovery. Toppa suffered very badly from laminitis ( Petal bone has dropped). Instead the owner asked if we would try and help her. I agreed. I have now had her 3 years this November. Not once have our vet told us to put her to sleep. I believe your products helped save her. First picture is a picture of her hooves the day she arrived and last week. The other pictures are of a happy pony who thankful is not the stiff not moving pony who arrived “give up”

I will be forever thankful to you for so many reasons.

Debbie Barker, Horse Haven
I recently revived a sample 100mL bottle of More-Mag from your sponsorship at the Kihikihi International Horse Trial. I recently used this sample on my wonderful eventer who is normally very cool, calm and collected whilst competing but is a completely different horse on the hunt field. His first time out he was nervy, excited and jumpy from the new experience. I decided I would try the More-Mag on his next hunting adventure – which happened to be opening hunt at Taupo Hunt Week with 300 plus horses in the field. The results were TREMENDOUS! He was so well behaved, walking calmly with other horses and coped extremely well in this situation. I am so thankful for your wonderful product and for your support at Kihikihi International Horse Trial. I am now off to buy the biggest container I can find of your magical product.

Very happy with using this product over any other form of magnesium (thanks, Jean Rode for the recommendation!)
Louisa Hagedorn, Victoria Australia
I’ve been using more mag for a few years now on difficult warmbloods to 13hh show ponies with great results. It makes them trainable and helps them to cope with the stress of competition.
thanks more mag!

Chelsea Sinnamon, Taranaki